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Camp Kids Collective

Made for camp kids*
by camp kids.

Growing up in a ministry setting like a Christian Camp makes you a little different. (In a good way.) 

We wanted to create a place where "camp kids" could find resources, community, and connection.

*Youth, teens, young adults living in a camp setting


Made for camp kids
by camp kids.

Grace and Faith Brunner grew up in a little town building the ministry that would eventually become Upon The Rock Christian Camp with their parents.

They have a heart for ministry and the people that do it - as they considered the difficulties in finding community that many former "Camp Kids" expressed, they wanted to make a place where this little community could come together and help one another in their journeys.

You don't have to be born into camp to be a camp kid.

If you're a kid, teen, or young adult either growing up in a camp setting or working as a Staff Member at a Christian Camp, this is for you.

You'll find resources, videos, and a place to connect with other camp kids in your area.

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Camp hard,
play hard.

Camp hard,
play hard.

We believe that there's a generation of kids out there that are ready to take on the calling of ministry.

There's a Timothy in each of these camp kids, and we want to encourage them as they grow into the leaders they were meant to be. As this generation rises up, passion erupts in the church. Joy is spread throughout the workers. And seeds of righteousness are sown wherever they go!

Join us as we seek to minister to a new group of believers, and discover what it means to embrace being a Camp Kid.


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